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Whether you are a landlord, business owner or homeowner, fire alarms are crucial to protect the safety of your building and its occupants

In many occasions, the presence of a fire alarm is a legal requirement, and most insurers will insist on them being safely installed and regularly maintained. Beyond this, a reliable system can, in the case of any emergency, save lives. By installing a fire security system that is tailored to the needs of your property and the type of work that might be carried out there, you are committing to the safety of your employees.

There are several varieties of fire alarms on the market, and Puddles' expert team can advise on the best selection for your property and, their engineers can quickly and efficiently install a new system into any property.

Reliable and up to date fire alarm systems can pair with fire suppression systems such as sprinklers and dispatch calls to the fire service. They can also be made accessible by using both visual and audio alarm technology. Another feature that should be considered is manual call points. This is when the fire alarm can be raised by a person before the detection system is triggered. Control panels should be accessible so that fire alarm drills can be carried out and the alarm can be disabled when needed.

Fire alarm systems need to be installed correctly and therefore it is always advisable to get expert help to install and maintain your fire alarm system. Puddles fire alarm recommendation and installation service provide you with maximum peace of mind.

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