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Puddles know that when it comes to securing a property, door entry systems are of paramount importance.

Door entry systems can ensure that access is simple and easy for those who need to move in and out of the building while stopping those unauthorised from gaining access.

Door Entry technology has advanced dramatically in recent years. Some of the door entry systems now available include:

  • Swipe Card Entry
  • Proximity Card Entry
  • Door Intercoms with voice or camera technology
  • Access Control Buttons
  • Biometric Identity
  • Facial Recognition Identity

Puddles will be happy to advise, install and maintain the door entry system that is right for your business. Whether you are a small startup or a global enterprise, Puddles can identify affordable options that maintain the integrity of your premises.

Door entry systems can be installed on external doors or internally, ensuring access to specific secure locations within your premises is only granted for those who need it. The choice of door entry system will be dependent on the level of security you need and the number of people who may need access at any time. For instance, if you have a high staff turnover and need several people to access a site then swipe or proximity cards are useful.

However, as security cards can be lost or stolen, more advanced door entry systems may be useful for more confidential and restricted access areas of a building.

Puddles expert team are happy to assess the needs of your business to ensure you have a door entry system in place that enables your business to operate safely and securely.

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