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Closed Circuit Television has been around for many years for good reason. CCTV is a highly effective security tool, preventing damage to property and goods from being stolen. The premise is simple, keep your property secure by ensuring it is being monitored and recorded constantly. If there is any suspicious or unwanted behaviour, then perpetrators can be easily identified by examining the footage. This deters any criminality on-site as the risk of being caught and punished is too high.

There are several CCTV options on the market and the technology is now affordable for even small business owners. The factors you should consider when purchasing a CCTV are related to space and property you want to protect. Multiple cameras are good for vast areas and also places with multiple entrances or where goods are spread across different rooms or floors.

The quality of the image is also a factor, as many cameras now come with night vision and some CCTV systems can capture footage in high definition to ensure crispness in the image, if and when you might need it.

Another feature to consider is the remote control, some cameras can be directed and shifted by an external operator. This is particularly useful if you want to track a specific item or person as they move across your space.

We use the latest technology allowing seemless integration with smart tech including smartphones.

The biggest asset of a CCTV system is peace of mind. If you want to discuss the CCTV options that would be right for your business or property, the expert team at Puddles would be happy to advise.

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