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You don't need to invest in rolls of barbed wire to protect your valuable property, but you do need to establish a sound security alarm system.

Undoubtedly, part of that plan is for the installation of an in house alarm system.

You've built up your business with a solid plan. Remember that a vital part of that objective is securing your assets. A burglar alarm is crucial for both personal protection as well as property protection when you're away and even when you're onsite.

While security systems are key for businesses, they are also an essential part of any homeowner's plan. When you own a home, you have all of the trappings and high-value items that come along with it that may make criminals notice your home. More importantly, you have a family to protect. Your loved ones are undoubtedly the most important things in your life. Insurance cannot replace them, so you need to protect them. Let us help you do that with a quality and easy to use alarm system.

Invest in a streamlined system that will seamlessly coordinate with our other security products to minimize your efforts and maximize your safety. We will guide you through the process and make recommendations based upon your structure, location, and needs so that you get the best system for you.

We use the latest technology allowing seemless integration with smart tech including smartphones.

When looking at crime rates, there is an upward trend. Get ahead of it and protect the things you value most. Don't be a statistic. Be proactive and engage the professionals for all of your burglar alarm and protection needs.

 in house alarm system

Wireless alarm packages.


Value for money, easy to use and 100 percent reliable. Systems such as Yale, Texecom , ring and nest offer great detection systems and we install these as a low cost package to protect your home. 

 What do I get with my wireless burglar alarm package:

  • Perimeter protection - We make sure all entry points in your home such as front and back doors are covered by door contacts. Any areas that do not have an external door are covered with a passive infrared sensor that detects movement.A 94db siren is mounted externally and acts as a visual deterrent for would be intruders. The main control unit comes with a backup battery which lasts for 24 hours and all motion detectors and door contacts batteries will normally last for up to two years.
  • Value for money - The in house alarm systems that we supply and install are renowned for innovation and effectiveness. They are not expensive but still guarantee you the best protection.
  • Smart security - All the packages we supply can be connected to your iPhone or android device. They work on an application on your phone which is easy to use and you can set and unset your alarm system.
  • Peace of mind - If you have ever been the victim of a burglary, you can understand the damage it can do not just to your home, but also to your mental health. The after effects of a break in can be devastating to your family life and we care. This is why we offer these in house alarm systems. Our cost effective approach means that you can protect your home at an affordable price which doesn't break the bank.

The Best Wired Security Alarm Systems In Ruislip

A wired  system is ideal for a property or business that is currently having a renovation. We will first asses what you need to keep your home secure, make a floorplan, walk you through your property and inform you of any potential vulnerabilities that we can see and we will sit you down and work out a design and cost that will work for you. The process doesn't usually take long , 1 hour maximum and we can assure you that you will be surprised at just how little you need to actually protect your property.


Does home security need to be expensive?

One of the biggest factors of wired burglar alarms is cost, but that really doesnt need to be the case. A lot of our wired alarm systems are hybrid. We will run cables to the areas that are easy to wire, then with the harder to reach areas, we will install a wireless device. Most of our intruder alarms can be installed and commisioned in just 1 or 2 days.

Wireless systems come in a cost effective home alarm package. They come with enough devices to protect a standard 3 bedroom home and additional devices can be purchased for extra. These are our quickest installs and usually take only half a day to install. They can be linked to your phone so you have peace of mind 24 hours a day. 

What if i already have home security?

Not a problem, we will simply upgrade your system with a new alarm control box, new security devices and continue from there. 

It really doesnt have to be complicated.

Having an extension? we can adjust the positions and cover the new areas, or we can remove them.

we will also attend to emergency callouts if needed, normally within 24 hours.

What types of in house security alarm systems do we install?

Reliability is our aim and and is essential to keep our business going and your propery protected. The best in house alarm systems that we supply are current market leaders such as Yale, Ring, Texecom and Honeywell. These companies offer excellent value for money and we normally supply these systems in a package to protect your property. 
We stay up to date with the security industry latest news and regulations in all our maintenance and installtion projects. 

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