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04-12-2020 - Michael hollands - 0 comments
Texecom Alarm system - Ruislip

New job In ruislip today installing a Texecom alarm system. This system was fully wireless which meant that there was no damage trying to run cables in the property and we were in and out in just a few hours. Minimum disruption while our customer was working from home.


The Texecom alarm works wirelessly and the sensors use a mesh technology to bounce from each device to maintain a strong signal. The alarm panel can be connected onto your phone which you control via the texecom connect app and this gives you control of setting and unsettingyour burglar alarm from your mobile device.

In this customers property we installed a keypad, the control box , a wireless bell box , a door contact and 3 passive infrared movement sensors. The batteries lasts up to 2 years but I've known some to go over and get about 3 years life.


We do offer to do a service , yearly, for a small sum and that includes new batteries to keep your alarm system running smoothly.

We have attached a YouTube video from Texecom detailing exactly how this alarm system works with the option of connecting it to your internet and we have also supplied a video of the actual system we installed.


this below is the pdf for the texecom connect and details exactly what it is and also the pdf for the premier ricochet alarm system.




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