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The Texecom premier elite is a self contained wireless home or business alarm system. 

The alarm panel has 32 wireless on board zones which is expandable up to 64 zones and makes it a very versatile system to use in either a large home or a business premises.


A grade 2 rated system, it has the option of up to 4 keypads, 50 user codes and up to 8 selectable areas which means that you can set and unset various parts of your property at different times of day or night. A great example of this is to have Area A as a full set for when nobody is at home and Area B part set with just windows and doors selected for night time while your asleep.

So what do we think of the Texecom premier intruder Alarm?


This is our most popular choice of burglar alarm system that we install. A reliable system which never really lets us down. It doesn't just control your usual movement sensors or door contacts, Texecom supplies other products such as smoke alarms, flood alarms and heat sensors that can all be linked up to this alarm to provide you with extra security for other events that can take place in your home or business.


One of our most popular options since it's release is the texecom connect module which can be connected to your smartphone or android phone or tablet and will notify you via an app if your alarm has been activated or deactivated away from home.


What is the Texecom Connect Ethernet Communicator?


In the old days (not so long ago), to get your intruder alarm to notify you of a break in you had to have a speech dialler. This would work with either a SIM card or would be hardwired into your phone line. The phone line would ring you and the gsm one could ring or text you to notify you of an activation.

The texecom connect Ethernet communicator works through WiFi or it can be hardwired into your router. It isn't quite a speech dialler as such, as it doesn't ring you, but this communicator will notify you when your alarm has been set or unset and even activated via a notification through the texecom connect app.


Is the Texecom connect any good?


The texecom app is simple to use and it looks great. It hasn't got the best rating on apple store but this is more because it has quite a deep learning curve. We give all our customers a thorough walkthrough on how to use the app , this will include how to setup users, how to set and unset your alarm, and how to acces any other features such as your Cctv camera system and other home automation like smart plugs and lights.


What can I connect to my Texecom alarm?


As discussed above there are many wireless devices for this alarm and they all offer very different uses;

Smoke Alarms

Heat alarms

External PIR motion detectors

Internal Motion sensors

Dualtech Motion sensors

Glass breaker detectors

Door contacts

Shock sensors 

Wireless Keypads

Wirless bell boxes 

Flood sensors




Overall we recommend this product as 10/10 and if you need an alarm company to fit it we are a registered Texecom installer.



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