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In today’s uncertain world, there are ways to protect yourself from the unknown. Whether your concern is fire services protection or general security services for both your home and business, we’ve got you covered. You may require the full-service package of security offerings or you may only need a little guidance from the professionals to determine the best placement for your security devices.

We’ll walk you through the entire process using industry-specific best practices to assure you of the safety and peace of mind that you’re looking for.

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Do I need a home security system?

Over 80 percent of would be burglars will avoid a home or business fitted with home security fitted.

We assess, design and install our security systems based on what our customers need and only supply you with the sectors leading brands for 100 percent reliability. 

The average cost of a burglary in the uk is £3000, between 2019 and 2020 in london alone there was over 78,000 burglaries committed to home and businesses. That is staggering 234 million pounds worth of damage and assests lost to thieves and chancers.

To find out the crime rate in your area, click here.

How can we protect your home or business?

  • Assesment : we will visit your site or property and speak with you to determine what you may need and go through any of your concerns.
  • Design: We will take everything you say on board, and with our expertise, we will design your security system for maximum protection.
  • Installation: We can fit your home security at a time that suits you.

We dont just stop there..

Our alarm maintenance is designed to keep your system running for longer. We can come out yearly to maintain whatever security system you have.

What system is right for me?

Wired security? or Wireless security?

There are many different options these days for home security that can be either wired, wireless and even part wired and wireless.

It can get confusing. But which one is best for you? and what are the pros and cons;

Pros of Wired home alarm systems -

  • Reliability, wired security systems run off 12v power cables and not batteries, this means that you dont have to change batteries every year to keep your security sensors working
  •  Ideal for larger spaces. Wireless signal can only travel so far, but with a wired security system you can have devices such as cctv cameras and alarm systems covering a wider area.
  • Cost of wired security devices - Wired devices such as movement sensors and Door contacts are a lot more cheaper than their Wireless cousins.

Cons of a Wired home alarm system

  • Initial outlay, The cost of a wired security system such as an alarm is a lot more expensive due to having to run cables.
  • Versatility, once the cables are in place then you cannot just move a cctv camera or an alarm system without making major damage to interior or exterior walls.

Pros of a Wireless home alarm

  • Easy to setup, Once you find a spot for the security control panel, it is usually just a case of pointing where you want the security sensors and screwing them to a wall.
  • Smart security systems, A lot of alarms, cctv and door entry systems will connect to your wifi and you can control it with your smart phone.

Cons of a wireless home alarm

  • Coverage, While most wireless security systems are ideal for homes, they may not be ideal for a larger business such as warehouses and office buildings with multiple floors due to the limitations of wireless network coverage.
  • Batteries, wireless security runs on batteries, you need to check these periodically and replace to make sure that they are working.

Smart Security Systems


  • Set and unset your intruder alarm with your smartphone or tablet.
  • View your CCTV system anytime via your phone or tablet.
  • Easy to use via an app on your phone, just log on and view the status of your system.
  • Revieve notifications via the app
  • Afordable, reliable and works on apple and android

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